Get the expertise of a consultation with an ACVIM Board-Certified Cardiologist
with over 15 years of clinical, teaching, and research experience.

Basic Services:
  • Practice will concentrate on out-patient cardiology consultations, usually including an echocardiogram

  • Consultations limited to:
  •   ◦ Physical examination of the patient
  •   ◦ Review of patient record
  •   ◦ Interview of the client when applicable (not required)
  •   ◦ Electrocardiography
  •   ◦ Echocardiography
  •   ◦ NIBP may be requested but is generally not available through our service
  •   ◦ A digital (emailed) report will be provided in a timely manner
  •   ◦ Invasive procedures (such as pericardiocentesis) may be available on a case by case basis

  • No pacemaker or caval syndrome procedures

  • Veterinarian consults via email (including electrocardiography and thoracic radiography)

  • ECG / Holter Monitoring (24 hour ambulatory ECG) analysis
A very satisfied client:
Pictures of "Bear" a 16 year old Chow Chow that received a pacemaker over 2 years ago from us!

Click a thumbnail above to view the picture

For appointment and price information, please call Jason LaFitte at (225)-454-3287.

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