American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Veterinary Specialist Requirements

  • Subspecialties: Neurology; Internal Medicine; Oncology, and Cardiology
  • At least 2 years of undergraduate including required courses for Vet Med or a four year degree DVM or equivalent
  • Post-DVM Internship (one year); under the supervision of ACVIM / ECVIM Diplomate
  • Post-DVM Residency (three years); under the supervision of ACVIM / ECVIM Diplomate
  • General Internal Medicine Examination (one day exam after two years of a residency)
  • Certifying Credentials Package/Application
  • Certifying Examination (two day exam at the end or after a three year residency)
  • Board-Certified ACVIM Diplomate (Neurology, Internal Medicine, Oncology, and Cardiology

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