Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1) Is a referral needed for Dr. Strickland to see a patient?
  • a) Yes, a referral from the primary care veterinarian (pc DVM) is required to schedule an appointment. In the event a referral is not possible, or for further information, please email Jason at, or call 225-454-3287.
  • 2) Will Dr. Strickland see cases at my veterinary clinic?
  • a) Dr. Strickland covers a vast area of southeast Louisiana including: the greater Baton Rouge area and Lafayette, the greater New Orleans area, the north shore and areas in between. For further information or questions regarding scheduling in your area or at your clinic,, please email Jason at, or call 225-454-3287.
  • 3) What services does a veterinary cardiologist perform?
  • a) Please refer to the services section of our webpage which covers several of the unique services Dr. Strickland is specially qualified and trained to perform.
  • 4) What are the service fees?
  • a) Pet owners: please contact your primary care veterinarian for fee information on your petís treatment.

    b) pcDVMs: please contact Jason at, or call 225-454-3287 for fee information.
  • 5) Does my pet need to see a veterinary cardiology specialist?
  • a) Cardiac diseases and maladies manifest in both subtle and overt symptoms, so it is important that both the client and pcDVM communicate any medical concerns properly so they can reach that decision together.

    b) For scheduling information please email Jason at, or call 225-454-3287.
  • 6) Can I contact Dr. Strickland directly via email or phone to discuss concerns about my petís cardiac needs prior to, or in lieu of scheduling an appointment?
  • a) Pet Owners: Dr. Strickland is always available to consult with your petís primary veterinarian at no cost to you or your veterinarian. Due to the time constraints of travel and patient care, Dr. Strickland has to limit his phone and email consultations to veterinarians and only clients he has previously seen.

    b) pcDVMs: Dr. Strickland will respond to any emails or calls in as timely a manner as possible. Veterinarians are welcome and encouraged to call or email with any consultations as needed at no charge to you or your client, regardless of appointment status. If a case needs urgent attention please indicate that in your communications and all efforts will be made to respond as expediently as possible. Please contact Jason at, or call 225-454-3287, and your requests will be immediately relayed to Dr. Strickland.

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